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Himalayan Salt Animal Lick

Himalayan Salt Animal Lick

Himalayan Salt Animal Lick

Do you know that Himalayan stone salt licks are the main mineral source for animals?

Animals can not meet the need for salt when they are feeding on nature. Animals living in the mountains in the natural environment to increase appetite for milk yield are made to lick rock salt. The animals which lick rock salt are protected from diseases by lubricating them. Especially livestock breeders feed their animals' pink rock salt to increase their productivity. As the most healthy salt is Himalayan salt, Himalayan stone salt licks give balanced mineral matter for needs of animals and provide mineral support in mineral deficiencies and it includes over 84 minerals which animals need to consume.

How are animals licking salt rope to be used for animals?


Thanks to the rope that is passed through for easy transport and hanging purposes, you can easily put it by attaching to farms, harbors, fences, trees and even a ring inside the truck during the journey so animals can reach. The licking salt block should be hung in places where animals can reach easily. According to the needs of the animals, animal salt lick rope should be kept in front of them. At the same time, other types of blocks or other sources of salt should not be in front of the animal.


Where salt rope can be used?


Natural animal salt rope supply needs of the salt and mineral of animals which is from all breeds and ages.Horse, cattle, cow, bull, sheep, goat and so on. The pink salt rope should be fed to animals at least once a week.


Why do animals need to salt lick rope?


Licking stones are salt blocks that animals need to lick at regular intervals. The salt rocks, which are usually present in an ecosystem, contain elements such as sodium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, and zinc, which are needed by horses, cattle, and sheep. There are up to 84 trace minerals and elements, which are useful for animals. Animals can find calcium in the rocks with their unique instincts and lick the non-substance stone only as much as the body needs.


What are the benefits of Himalayan Salt Rope for animals?


Licking Salt rope is helpful and useful to give supplement which is needed for big and small cattle especially in winter. In addition, to supply the daily mineral and needs for the salt minerals of animals, it also provides protection against internal diseases and infections. Since it increases water consumption for animals, it also keeps the circulation system of animals healthyHimalan salt lick is important for both animal health and meat taste. The meat of the animal which feeds with rock salt rope for animal licking is delicious. It also opens up their appetites. Foods which are consumed by the animals affects people because animal meat is one of the top nutritional protein sources so healthy animal means healthy animal nutrients for the human being. Animal salt lick rope also helps to prevent the parasites in animals.  


Does Himalayan Animal salt lick help with minerals deficency in animals?

Also, It contains a balanced amount of mineral in order to prevent soil eating in lambs and calves. In order for the cells to show their enzymatic activity, minerals are required. Dead births of animals may occur in the absence of mineral deficiency. Or weak, hairless calves may be born. They make the feathers look bright and alive. Minerals, which provides regular formation of the nail, prevent diseases such as nail decay.  It has positive effects on the reproductive system. Increases feed efficiency in fattening and dairy animals and increase milk yield and meat yield.




The productivity of animals are low if animals can not cater to the needs of salt and minerals


Lack of salt and minerals in animals cause to loss of appetite, slowing growth, decreasing milk and meat production, problems in reproduction, weakening of the defense system and making animals open to diseases. Also, it prevents growth retardation due to insufficient mineral material intake and removes the tendency to eat foreign bodies (such as stone, soil, wall licking) to supply mineral to their body due to lack of minerals. Also, It strengthens the immune system of animals.  Diarrhea cases caused by such conditions are also prevented by the salt rope which is natural Himalayan pink salt.  

Why Markhor Brand should be preferred?


Although naturally removed from the mine, there is no fabrication process and no chemical contaminants, and appropriate salt fractions are carefully selected so we offer you completely natural and pure Himalayan animal salt lick rope. Animal salt lick blocks are produced from pink Himalayan Crystal Salt which is the purest product in the world. Markhor’s salt products are the original Himalayan salt rock which comes from the purest mine in the world: Khewra. As the best salt manufacturer in Pakistan, we produce high-quality salt products. We offer absolutely natural Himalayan licking salt on a rope because we want healthy animals to provide healthy animal nutrients to people. We are the only salt suppliers in the world which produce the most natural and purest salt products.


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