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Himalayan Rock Salt Table

Himalayan Rock Salt Table


The table produced from natural Himalayan rock salt is one of the most authentic and stylish accessories compared to the usual tables


100 % Hand-Crafted Crystal Himalayan Rock Salt Table

The Himalayan salt table is an authentic table made of natural Himalayan rock salt with manual labor.  A light bulb was placed inside the Himalayan rock salt table so that when you open the bulb, the rock salt shines in a wonderful way.


This really makes this table look more pleasant and stylish, which is produced from natural Himalayan rock salt.


Pink Salt Table Easily Fits On Every Place

It can be used in restaurants, homes, hotels, office, cafes, spa and yoga centers to creates a different ambiance. Human nature always goes towards what is different. Being different is also to be attractive. When you go to a place, you always are attracted by what is natural and different.  If you are a business owner, undoubtedly, decorating your place with rock salt table in different designs will add a very distinctive look to your space.


If you are looking for a different and authentic accessory or a table for your home, the Himalayan rock salt table is designed for it. Himalayan pink rock salt tables can be produced in different sizes according to the taste of the person.


Markhor Designs The Best According To Customer Taste

As the best manufacturer, Markhor gives customers the opportunity to design a table according to their taste. The tables, produced in different sizes and shapes, from the natural Himalayan pink salt, are unique products that will reflect your magnificent taste to your home.


Not Only A Distinctive Accessory and Table But Also An Air Purifier

Also, as the bulb placed inside the salt table heats up, the negative ion is emitted. We're sure you're aware of the many benefits of negative ions. Negative ions are not only clean the air from harmful particles but also emit happiness to the human soul.


If you ask what is the most beautiful and elegant table you can choose for your home, we are sure that this will be the Himalayan rock salt table. Now, each product is authentic in nature and compared to the tables made of artificial wood, these tables have a truly extraordinary elegance.


Don't you want to have a table that looks so luxurious in your home?


The natural crystal Himalayan rock salts, which are shining with the transparent appearance of the table, are truly enchanting. Designed from glamorous pink eye-catching crystal rock salt, the Himalayan pink salt table is completely natural, it will spread around the negative ions and cleans the dirt, moist, bacteria in the atmosphere while you will be enchanted.


The glittering crystal rock salt table will show you what a perfect taste you have for the people around you. Would you prefer to experience a clean, healthy atmosphere full of negative ions, which will be the star of your home?

The Best Quality Products From The Best Salt Manufacturer

If you agree with us, markhor is ready to offer you this Himalayan rock salt table, which is the most authentic, eye-catching and natural. As the most prestigious Himalayan rock salt manufacturer in Asia, Markhor continues to produce high-quality rock salt products for you.

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Himalayan Salt Table

Himalayan Salt Table

Himalayan Salt table add negatively-charged ions into the air surrounding the lamp and are reported ..

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