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Crystal Salt tealight candle holders are beautiful and original pieces that have an elegant shape and many variations of colours 

Premium quality Unique Salt Tealight/Candle holder from the Himalayan Mountain region. We offer a wide range of selection in all kinds of shapes. No minimum purchase required. Along with OEM production option, our ready to ship in our USA and Dubai warehouses is also available.

Please note: No two natural crystal salt tea lights will ever be the same. This is their beauty. Natural crystal salt is a rustic material and some products will contain natural fractures, veins and chips. That is actually what makes them so special, and why people collect them. Variations in colors from neutral beiges and whites to pink, peach, orange, apricot, even red are found within the slat veins in the mines. In the carving process, each piece is individually etched and sculpted to maximize the beauty of the particular slab of salt, so the shapes, are never identical from lamp to lamp.

We try our best to keep similar sizes and weights under the same classification. This affords us, and you, the opportunity to offer standardized packaging that won't have bulges from being overly wide or overly tall for their specific weight classification. Totally natural, hand-crafted product.

1. Premium quality Himalayan salt in used for the production these superior tealights.
2. Tealights weighs:2.2 ~3.8 Lbs (Approx. ).
3. Colors: Ranges in hues of red, orange, apricot and white.
4. Just add a tea-light candle and watch the beautiful, flickering glow from your translucent Salt Crystal. These candle holders produce a stunning, romantic glow reminiscent of a fireplace. Each of our salt crystal candle holders comes complete with a tea-light candle so you can enjoy it right out of the box!
5. Our candle holders have an extra deep cup. This ensures that the whole rock is beautifully lit up and also helps to protect the candle flame from the wind when used outdoors!
6. This males a unique gift.
7. You've all heard the saying - you get what you pay for. Remember there are different qualities of crystal salt available. Prices vary depending on quality, the finishing of the products and the reputation of the mines. You can rest assured we have taken all of the necessary steps to bring you the best one. That's a promise. Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed.
8. We accept OEM projects/orders

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Himalayan Salt Candle Holder

This product has a minimum quantity of 300

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