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  • Himalayan Salt Bricks Rectangular 8*4*2

                                                       Himalayan Salt Bricks Rectangular 8*4*2

Himalayan Salt Bricks can and ought to be a more essential piece of our home elaborate structure and setup. Have you ever thought how overpowering it would be to redesign your living space with all-trademark, solid and standard home complex subject things? The complete pack is ideal for inside producer in you, super simple to utilize and sorts out totally any style. The complete sets can be stacked both on top or by each other. On a very basic level envision your own particular finished versatile salt divider for thousands not as much as custom 

The Himalayan Salt Wall Kit and Bricks can be sorted out most shocking utilization of light and feel. Misuse the gigantic measure of negative particles went on using the salt divider unit that will cover from 400-600 sq-ft truly with careful negative particles. 

The structure comes finish, no weights, no battles just and sort out the salt squares as you wish, plot them, stay particular your decision. We offer additional squares at surprising costs so make your pack as clearing as you survey toward. This is the most clear approach to manage supervise oversee shape and make your salt divider. Get prepared for a central long time and years of fulfillment.

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Himalayan Salt Bricks Rectangular 8*4*2

This product has a minimum quantity of 500