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Himalayan Salt Urn

Himalayan Salt Urn

Himalayan Salt Urn, Himalayan Salt Biodegradable urn, adult sized urn for ashes, earth friendly cremation urn, natural organic biodegradable urns.


· Designed by nature: this organic nature burial urn was perfectly designed by nature, no two are completely alike. The warm tendencies of this salt urn range from natural pink to soft orange, and it has a unique, natural texture to it. The respective size of biodegradable salt urn fits most adults. The dimensions of this adult salt urn are: 9.5" x 8" diameter

·         Crafted for eco-friendly natural water or earth burial: the Himalayan rock salt biodegradable urn is strong and substantial until it starts to breakdown naturally after burial. In the water, this urn will dissolve within a few hours to gradually release the ashes held back to the Mother Nature. It is also very suitable for ground burial in soil, where the urn will biodegrade within approximately three months.

·         Naturally produced Himalayan rock salt urn: made of a completely natural material, so you can send off your loved ones ashes in an incredibly peaceful and organic way. Crafted from a solid block of salt quarried from the western edge of the Himalayan Mountains, and estimated to be 200 million years old, this is an honorable choice when laying your loved one to rest.

·         Biodegradable: Give your peace of mind that your loved ones ashes will be laid to rest in a natural, beautiful way. Our biodegradable urns are an eco-friendly and responsible manner to adopt to depart ashes to the earth. Crafted from natural rock and sustainably found materials, they are gentle on the earth and offer a peaceful experience.

·         Markhor is prestigious name in the Himalayan salt business that treats you like family. We value our customer’s satisfaction, and we wish you to be 100% satisfied with your decision. We know that purchasing a memorial item is one-off thing -- and so important to get right. Markhor has reputation to provide peace of mind by offering quality products that exceed your expectations. You can trust our team will ship your order timely and handle it with care - in honor of your loved one.


Why there are various sizes of Himalayan salt urns for ashes?

Bio-degradable salt urns are on the market in several sizes for multiple reasons. The foremost common size is that the individual sized salt urn for ashes. A private Himalayan salt urn is sized to carry the ashes of 1 person. The incineration association of North America (CANA) has established standard of 200 cubic inches that equals about 6.8 pints. Otherwise expressed.

Sometime, members of a family would like to retain some of the ashes and also the ashes are split into many smaller sized urns or what's normally referred to as sharing urns for ashes. Sharing urns will zero in size from 50 to 100 cubic inches and are available in several designs and colors. Sharing sized urns are the dimensions that's used for pets and infants. During a mobile society like ours families will get displayed over the years. Sharing sized incineration urns are an excellent solution that may satisfy the wants of the many.

For example:

•              If a person weighed one hundred lbs., you may would like associate degree urn that's one hundred cubic inches or larger

•              If a person weighed 50 lbs., you will would like associate degree urn that's 50 cubic inches or larger

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