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  • Natural Himalayan Salt Imperial Shape Massage Stone

They can be use hot or cold, and add a wonderful cleansing   to both the physical body and the auric field.
The salt Stone is self cleansing so very little care and maintenance is required.
Store in a dry place or in a sealed container.

The following information is from (see more below): 
The Book of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teach by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian:
"Pink Halite has a peaceful, calming effect on the emotional body. Its vibration is uplifting to the heart and helps to eradicate emotional noise one may pick up from others. For this reason, it is a protective stone for those who are strong emotional empaths.

Spiritual: Pink Halite facilitates one in understanding the emotional patterns behind experiences. It enables one to draw old patterns to the surface for integration and clearing.

Emotional: Pink Halite clears the heart chakra and the solar plexus, to heal the experience and expression of emotions. It enables one to clear emotional attachments to others, particularly where relationships have ended without appropriate communication. It can assist one in clearing the attachments that others may have to oneself. By clearing the emotional body, Pink Halite aids one in gaining a new sense of emotional serenity and centre.

Physical: Pink Halite works to cleanse toxins from the cells and tissues of the body. It can assist in clearing dis-ease where it is caused by unresolved emotional experiences. It can assist the body in processing and releasing heavy metals stored in the tissues, and in the more effective metabolism of nutrients and water on a cellular level. 

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Natural Himalayan Salt Imperial Shape Massage Stone

This product has a minimum quantity of 500

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