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Himalayan Salt Lamp White

Himalayan Salt Lamp White

Himalayan Salt Lamp White


The Himalayan salt lamp white is produced from the pure salt extracted from the Himalayan Mountains into a block by placing a bulb in the middle. In addition to the sodium chloride in the normal salt, the colors of these lamps, which contain magnesium, potassium and zinc minerals, may vary depending on the mineral concentration and may be in different shades of pink. Himalayan salt lamp, which is quite useful for both decorative and health, has managed to establish itself in the corner of almost every house in recent years.

Himalayan Salt Lamps is An Air Purifier!

There are thousands of water molecules in the air. Although these water molecules appear to be harmless, they move particles like mold, bacteria, and allergens. They accumulate in the air and we breathe them unintentionally. The air circulating inside our house, we unintentionally become a hidden danger until we encounter salt! Salt, by the nature of the water molecules by pulling it to keep them in the air to prevent the entanglement. For this reason, the Himalayan salt lamp collects harmful substances in the air and provides a more refined, healthier environment.

Low-Level Radiation Which Almost Everbody Exposed to is A Cancer Reason!

More than 2000 studies have been conducted to reveal the toxic effects of electromagnetic fields. Scientists have come to a frightening conclusion that low-level radiation can cause various diseases like cancers, Alzheimer's, heart disease and many other diseases.  One way to prevent these diseases is Himalayan salt lamps. the Himalayan salt lamps release negative ions to dissipate and can reduce the negative effects of harmful electrosmog by disabling electromagnetic radiation.

White Salt Lamps: The Best Assistant For Nights Which Last Long

White salt lamps are very rare. The level of whiteness of salt shows that the elements are distributed equally.  The White Himalayan rock salt lamp reflects the color of the light of the bulb while other colorful salt lamps reflect mostly the color of the salt. This calm and pure color white salt lamp is a therapist itself with its relaxing looks. With its white soft light, it can be your best assistant for your work that lasts until mornings. Thanks to its negative ions,  the white salt lamp will give you a cool and uplifting feel. Also, it is the best lighting option for wedding halls with impressive elegant appearance and light. You can make your wedding hall more special and remarkable with white Himalayan salt lamps.


A Trend That Will Never Get Old: Gray Rock Salt Lamp

When deciding on the style of our decorations and especially the colors, gray Himalayan lamps are one of the choices that will protect the beauty and elegance as long as possible, that is to say, not to lose the transient trends. If you use your decoration preferences in this direction, the gray salt lamp must be one of your choices. Gray salt lamps will always remain a trend and fashion that will never age. Particularly due to its feature of increasing the focus, gray is preferred for decoration applications in offices and workplaces. Gray Himalayan salt lamps are just perfect salt lamp that you can use in your office or home.

Natural and Softness: Pink Salt Lamp

The natural pink Himalayan Salt lamp makes a different touch to your home decoration. It shines for health, light, and elegance. Its distinctive color which takes from glowing salt crystals gives a pink salt lamp a natural and dazzling look. Especially, pink salt lamps are so spectacular for bedroom decoration. You can decorate your children' bedroom or your own bedroom with this natural product. So, it provides fresh air with its negative ions for physical or spiritual development along with infants or children. Also, this pink salt lamps will fit on spa, beauty or yoga centers very well. Its naturalness and softness will relax people in those places. While they are doing yoga or having body care in spa centers, they will get relaxed with the magical effects of this air purifier pink salt lamp.

“Many home decor items are artificial and boring so the Himalayan salt is a very different and authentic home accessory because it takes its color and structure completely from its naturalness.”


Natural Orange Himalayan Salt Lamp: Bring Heartwarming and Dynamic Atmosphere To Your Place

If you want to offer your guests a dining table to warm their heart, the orange Himalayan salt lamps will give you more than that. These orange rock lamps especially will bring the sun to your evenings and nights. With its hot color, you will experience and get experience your family and guests the delightful, dynamic, remarkable, and heartwarming atmosphere. Either with your family members, or your guests and friends, this orange salt will warm your place with its color, decorative look, relaxing soft light and negative ions. You will always feel the peace and warmth with this orange Himalayan salt lamps. Dinner accompanied by an orange Himalayan salt lamp will remain the most memorable moment of your life. This orange salt lamp will provide both color and oxygen therapy. So, not only will it be a relaxing lighting source, but also it boosts atmosphere quality inside.

“Markhor As The Best Himalayan Pink Salt Supplier Provides You Natural Therapists: Colorful Himalayan Salt Lamps”

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