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  • Handcrafted White Onyx Gemstone Bowls

This small stone bowl is beautifully handcrafted from a single piece of high quality genuine Onyx stone and richly polished for a high gloss finish. Each unique gemstone Onyx bowl displays it's own natural shades of banded White Onyx stone, blending shades of white, honey and brown tones. Genuine Onyx is a translucent, semi-precious gemstone of quartz variety with an extremely fine crystal formation. For centuries the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans acknowledged Onyx for its mystical properties and it was used to adorn places of worship. Presently, Onyx is recognized for providing comfort, promoting balance and relieving stress! These decorative Onyx bowls make a unique white stone bowl for any room in the home, gemstone gift for any occasion or traditional Onyx Anniversary gift.


 Small, 1 1/2"H x 4 Inch Dia

 Medium,   2"H x 6 Inch Dia.

  Large,      3"H x 8 Inch Dia.

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Handcrafted White Onyx Gemstone Bowls