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Guar Gum split

Guar Gum split


What is Guar Gum?

Guar gum is a thickener obtained from the seeds of the Siamese copper. This plant, which has been cultivated in Pakistan since ancient times, is classified as annual plants and guar is planted in late July and harvested in November. And then harvested seeds of guar are dried in the sun, separated from shells and made ready for industrial production.


How is Guar Gum produced?

Guar Gum is extracted industrially from guar seeds. Mechanical processes during production; Roasting, shell separation, sieving, and polishing are applied. The seed is broken and the germ fraction is separated from the endosperm. Two half endosperms are defined as shells under the shell.


Guar gum, obtained by milling seed endosperms of Guar plant, is available in two types as food and industrial purity. Although the type of guar gum is pure grounded endosperm, industrial purity is produced using some chemical additives.


Refined guar particles are formed when the outer shell portion of the fibrous structure is separated from the endosperm by polishing. Protein-rich crust and germ are considered as animal feed. The refined guar is converted to the fine powder form depending on the nature of the desired final product.


What kind of areas Guar Gum is used?


Guar gum is used in different areas like food, beverage, personal care products, cat dog foods, pharmaceutical industry, household cleaning products, paint and building materials, textile and carpet industry, mining, oil, gas industry and drilling industry, paper, explosives, casting and ceramics industry, industrial cleaners, agricultural products, fire extinguishers.


High purity guar gum is produced in different viscosity, hydration capacity and different particle sizes for use in food, feed and pharmaceutical industries. Modified variants of the guar range that enable it to address industrially diverse uses; hydrolyzed, hydroxyalkyl, carboxyalkyl, oxidized, sulfated, borated, cationic combinations.


Guar Gum Use in  Pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, guar gum acts as an effective scavenger, stabilizer, and thickener, particularly in the production of tablet-type drugs, as an adjuvant in the microencapsulation of drugs.


Guar Gum in the Food Sector

• In bakery products, thickener, emulsifier, and stabilizer are used as bulking agents.

• The formation of Ice Crystals, prevention of rapid melting and creamy structure.

• In the meat with the ability to prevent free water absorption and dispersion,

• As a binder in sausages concentrates, solution stabilizer, sauce, and seasonings with the property of improving fluidity (prevents phase separation).

• In beverage production; lemonade, flavored drinks, powder mixtures,

Minimizes syneresis in melting cheeses,

• Increases shelf life with its kneading tolerance and water retention in bakery products,

• Prevents syneresis in frozen food and filling fluids,

• Controlling the driveability of Parsa surface coatings,

• It acts as a stabilizer in processed foods,

• It is used as a protective and lubricating agent in meat products, causing fewer storage losses in these products,

• It is used to provide convenience in the filling of canned products.


Guar Gum in Personal Care Products and Cosmetic

• Used as a thickening and suspending agent, especially in shampoos and toothpaste,

• It acts as a thickening and protective agent in creams and lotions,

• It provides easy removal of toothpaste and shaving creams from the containers.

• It gives better viscosity and foam stability in shampoos.


Guar Gum in the Textile Industry


When used in the textile industry for sizing and printing purposes, it serves as an excellent film and thickener and reduces the curvature and skew in the products and gives effect to production. It also reduces the breakage of the wool yarns during sizing.


Guar Gum in Production of Paper

In the paper industry, the guar gum which gives better writing and wiping properties to paper improves hardness and gives good folding properties due to its advanced adhesive properties so it provides a more intense and dense surface feature for printing paper.



How Can I Supply Guar Gum?

You can buy Guar gum directly from our site or you can get information by contacting us via email or phone. We can help you how to use guar gum and how it is prepared in detail. We're just a phone call away. 

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