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Guar Gum for Cosmetic Industries

Guar gum is also found in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, textile and paper products.

When used in the textile industry for sizing and printing purposes, it serves as an excellent film and thickener and reduces the curvature and skew in the products and gives efficiency to production. It also reduces the breakage of the wool yarns during sizing.

In the paper industry, the guar gamut, which gives the paper better writing and wiping properties, increases hardness and gives good folding properties due to its improved adhesion; it gives a more intense, dense surface feature to the paper used for printing purposes.


Guar Gum for Cosmetic Industry:

 • Used as thickening and suspending agent, especially in shampoos and toothpastes,

• It acts as a thickening and protective agent in creams and lotions,

• It provides easy removal of toothpaste and shaving creams from the containers.

• It gives better viscosity and foam stability in shampoos.

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