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  • Himalayan Extra Fine Grain Pink

                                                  Himalayan Extra Fine Grain Pink 

Gathered from old sea salt stores that misrepresentation far beneath the Himalayas, our Ancient Ocean® Himalayan Pink Salt by Markhor® is one of the best mineral salts open. Protected from the ages by the stunning mountains in Pakistan, the crystalized sea salt that was at one time an old ocean is without further ado a faultless, mineral-rich salt that has gathered more than an inner circle a great many. Prized for its ideal, candid salt taste and its incredible shading, all-normal Himalayan Pink Salt has transformed into a basic settling in kitchens around the globe. The fluctuating shades of delicate pink to diminish rose are the persisting eventual outcome of take after minerals, for instance, iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium. We promise that Markhor® Himalayan Pink Salt is just of the most astonishing quality, is absolutely normal predictable and is guaranteed fit by the Orthodox Union. Open in an expansive decision of grain sizes, this adaptable mineral salt is the engaging urgent that your kitchen needs. Buy in mass to supplant your general table salt with wonderful Himalayan Pink Salt. 

Extra Fine Grain: Usable in salt shakers, as a flavor edge, fire searing and cooking, or as a cleaning for popcorn, chips and snacks, this little grain is perfect in snack sustenances and starters. Complete dishes with a sprinkle of Extra Fine grain Himalayan Pink Salt for a tasty pop of shading.

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Himalayan Extra Fine Grain Pink

This product has a minimum quantity of 10

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