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  • Himalayan Salt Round lined Bricks 8*4*1.5

Himalayan Salt Bricks can and should be a bigger part of our home décor and design. Have you ever thought how nice it would be to enhance your living space with all-natural, healthy and organic home décor products? The complete kit is perfect for the interior designer in you, super easy to use and matches absolutely any décor. The complete sets can be stacked both on top or side by side. Just imagine your own completed portable salt wall for thousands less than custom

The Himalayan Salt Wall Kit and Bricks can be arranged for maximum use of light and ambiance. Take advantage of the massive amount of negative ions generated from the salt wall kit that will cover from 400-600 sq-ft naturally with protective negative ions.

The system comes complete, no worries, no struggles just and arrange the salt bricks as you wish, frame them, stand alone your choice. We offer extra bricks at great prices so make your kit as large as you like. This is the easiest way to organize and create your salt wall. Get ready for years and years of enjoyment.

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Himalayan Salt Round lined Bricks 8*4*1.5

This product has a minimum quantity of 500