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                   Himalayan Rock Salt Inhaler

How to Use a Salt Inhaler:

First, fill the inner cavity with some coarse Himalayan Salt Crystals by gently removing the plug on the underside of the device and carefully pouring in at least a tablespoon of salt crystals. Replace the plug, and the device is ready to use. Simply place your mouth around the mouthpiece at the top of the Salt Inhaler and inhale normally. 
When exhaling, either keep the Salt Inhaler by your mouth and exhale through your nose, or briefly remove the Salt Inhaler from your mouth, exhale through your mouth. Breathe deeply through the salt inhaler for 5-10 minutes. A salty taste may be experienced at first, but this will lessen with use as the salt crystals vaporize within the Salt Inhaler. 
The effects of the mineral salt inhaler have been proven in both Clinical Studies and from numerous testimonials.

2.Asthma Prevention/Elimination
One of many immediate results of the salt pipe is the significant improvement in Forced Expiratory Volume in which, during the first second, mucus thins out, thus making it easier to expectorate. Ease of expectoration combined with salt's organic quality as an anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory, can give asthmatics and others a much needed reduction or complete break from their drug-related inhalers and medications.

3.Sound Sleep: 
Night suffocation and coughing is dramatically reduced or eradicated completely.

Gives ease of depth to breathing.

Drug-free means less or no more pills to stomach for many.

Works like a charm with no side effects!

Easy to use, care for, store and travel with.

8.Detox Device: 
Calms & cleanses the respiratory cells so it's good for general maintenance too!

Lasts up to 5 years using approximately 15-25 minutes per day.

Possibly no more expensive meds cluttering your cabinet.


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Himalayan Rock Salt Inhaler

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