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Himalayan Salt Basket Lamps are available with various styles and designs of decorative metal and Rosewood baskets, each filled with 100% pure Himalayan Salt crystals.

When Himalayan Salt Basket Lamps are turned on, the salt crystals glow from within the basket to create an eye catching display, with natural ionic affects to help cleanse the atmosphere in your home.

Himalayan Salt Basket Lamps infuse any room of your home or office with an earthy, relaxing glow. These wonderfully innovative lamps combine the beauty of the natural wood and decorative metal baskets with pure “Pink Salt” crystals, infusing the entire piece with a warm, earthy glow when lit. These interesting lamps also present a display worthy of conversation even when the lamp is turned off.

Their attractive, unique appearance makes Himalayan Salt Basket Lamps a joy to have in the home, as well asthoughtful gifts for friends and loved ones!

Usage & Care: Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps should not be used in rooms with excessive humidity, or outdoors. If exposed to dampness, leave the lamp lit for several hours to emit the surface humidity, and then remove any powdery material with a dry cloth. If the lamp does show signs of dampness, turn on the lamp or light the candle to dry them out. Ensure first that any electrical parts are dry before using the lamp. Regularly wipe the dust off the lamp using a slightly damp cloth, or a soft brush. Always unplug the lamp before changing the light bulb for safety. The bulb may be changed by pinching the sides of the insert and withdrawing the light fitting from the base. Tea-light Holders can be replaced from the top of the Tea-light Holders.

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Japness Style Rock Salt Lamp

This product has a minimum quantity of 150

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