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Himalayan Salt Inhaler

Natural Himalayan Salt Inhaler

1. Immune Support & Reduced Inflammation – Adding to the anti-inflammatory, salt radiotherapy comforts immune system sensitivity, states The Lung Institute.

2. Aids Clear Mucus/ Sinus (Asthma) Upkeep – As stated by Dr. Norman Edelman, Senior Scientific Consultant of the American Lung Association, “When fine Himalayan salt elements are inhaled, they will descent on airway linings and draw water into the airway, thinning the lubricated and building easier to raise [clear], making you feel better,” he said. (ALA)

3. Stress Free & Mood Livelihood –Dr. Eingorn quoted, Himalayan rock salt releases negative -ions, which as per WebMD “Odorless, tasteless, and unseen molecules that is inhaled in large quantity definite environments. Think rocks, waterfalls, and coasts. Once they influence our bloodstream, negative -ions are whispered to harvest biochemical responses the increased of the mood serotonin, helping to release stress and enhancement our daytime energy.”

4. Himalayan Salt Detoxify – Vapor rub “The perseverance of congestion, which snare pathogens and holds them out of the body system. By withdrawing mucous from our body system. Salt therapy supports the body system in eliminating nuisances and pathogens more proficiently.

5. Better Sleep – Himalayan Salt therapy helps with sleep in multiple ways. First, it tranquilities stress reaction. Stress cortisol, which prevents the stream of cortisol (i.e. sleep hormone). By reorganizing stress reaction, the body system is able to yield melatonin at the veracious time.

6. Tested/Proven: 

The effects of the mineral salt inhaler have been proven in both Clinical Studies and from numerous testimonials.

7. Asthma Prevention/Elimination: 

One of many immediate results of the salt pipe is the significant improvement in Forced Expiratory Volume in which, during the first second, mucus thins out, thus making it easier to expectorate. Ease of expectoration combined with salt's organic quality as an anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory, can give asthmatics and others a much needed reduction or complete break from their drug-related inhalers and medications. 

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Himalayan Rock  Salt Inhaler

Himalayan Rock Salt Inhaler

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